Baltic Polished Amber Necklace


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Colour: Cognac
Necklace 33-35cm
Necklace Weight: 6 grams
Beads Size: 2mm-5mm
Polished amber necklaces made of natural amber.

Never buy a necklace with out proof of where it came from. Baltic amber comes from a selected region along the baltic sea, normal amber or manufactured amber will not work the same as genuine baltic amber.

Always buy an amber necklace from a registered insured Australian business.

Necklaces sold online from overseas can be hard to inspect for quality assurance and authenticity.

The beads are made from fossilised tree resin and have been used for centuries throughout Europe and parts of Asia it is believed to relieve the symptoms of teething as well as other pain and skin related conditions.

It is said that when Amber is worn against the skin the heat from our skin releases the succinic acid from the Amber which then passes through our skin and into the bloodstream. 
As a safety feature there is a knot before and after each bead, so that even in the event of the string being torn, only one bead will fall off the necklaces. Our necklaces are secured with a screw clasp which do not contain free moving small parts


Safety Warning:

Amber jewellery should be supervised at all times. (Note: It is recommended that you follow the ACCC guidelines when using this product ).