About Us

Why Back to Basics & Why use Essential oils?

Finally there is a large movement towards more gentle, natural approaches to everyday issues. Holistic & Natural remedies are all now much more socially accepted and sought after. It is my preferred way to treat & prevent as far and as much as I can.

There was a period of my childhood were I was heavily exposed to medications, many which had undesirable side effects. I took a step back, and with acceptance and gratitude I moved forward onto a better life and ceased all medications. Essential oils have allowed me to address both physical and emotional issues how ever often they may arise and best of all no subsequent symptoms that then also need to be treated.

I am a chemist, I am a mother. One who has embraced the chemistry that occurs naturally when using the basic tools given to us by mother nature. I love sharing my knowledge but most of all I love to help others using the endless benefits of oils & other natural remedies. They have helped me transform my life and improve my well being, as well as all those who mean the world to me, especially my little one.