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A natural boost to promote healthy immune function and protect against environmental & seasonal threats. Assists in healthy respiratory function and circulation. As soon as an onset of one occurs and the body's defenses are reactive it is time to start.  Apply to the bottom of the feet several times a day. 


Roller Ball Infusions

All roller balls can be infused with the following organic botanicals:

Rose - Contains Antioxidants and is mood enhancing.

Lavender - Anti-inflammatory that also helps to promote calmness and wellness.

Chamomile - This medicinal herb is calming for the body and mind. 

*Can only be used for maximum 7-10 days as contains oregano.

Fractionated coconut oil + Lemon + Orange + Clove + Cinnamon + Eucalyptus + Rosemary + Oregano + Melaleuca + Frankincense


Please note if you have any concerns about using essential oils please consult your doctor first. 


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