Harmony Pregnancy Ball Necklace


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Created for you future mamma or as a gift for pregnancy.....

The harmony necklace contains a chime ball that at each movement of the expectant mother, emits a very soft sound that can be heard by the baby from the 20th week of pregnancy.

A beautiful moment out of time, a moment of sweetness between mother and baby. This beautiful brushed design is accompanied by a Rose Quartz charm, the stone of unconditional love which is fitting for a mother and a tree of life charm to represent the symbol of life.

The necklace can be worn even after the birth, as the noise will be familiar to the baby, so it will continue to be soothing and comforting. Another way baby can be reassured by it is to securely inserting the pendant inside a comforter.



20 mm diameter Pendant brushed gold or silver plated

110 cm brass chain (nickel and cadmium free)

Pink rose quartz stone

Tree of life charm

Made in France


The necklace comes in a small box with message.

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