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Tiny Calm Forest Friend 2


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Tiny Calm Forest Friend 2- Bunny Launch

As parents, we would like to shield and protect our children as much as we can however providing the right tools and strategies will help our children navigate their emotions, an essential life skill that will serve them in the years to come.

This calming kit provides several strategies and comprises of three components.

1. The Tiny Calm blend uses therapeutic essential oils that when applied to the childs wrists or inhaled will promote a feeling of calmness.

2. The Forest Friend is beautifully handmade by Heidy a very talented doll maker right here in Victoria. It promotes visual and touch sensory benefits. Made of velour, it is soft and plush to touch, with a weighted belly. All made in quiet neutral colours which also promotes a feeling of calmness. 

3. Included is detailed strategies for parents and an Interactive Activity that allows your child to draw their emotions which provides an outlet for their feelings when they can’t use their words.

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PLEASE NOTE If your child has reached a point where it is keeping them from getting through their days or they have been anxious for an extended period of time, it is highly advised to seek professional advice or consult your General Practitioner.

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