Birthing Mamma


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Designed to nourish and nurture the body during and after the birthing experience. Allowing you to set the mood of the room, remain calm and focused whilst in labour and then heal your body naturally once you have delivered your baby.


Birthing Mamma- A powerful essential oil blend naturally helps to calm and focus the mother, strengthening the body and mind as well as the surges, bringing you closer to your baby. It can also be used after child birth to help balance emotions and assist with recovery.

Heal Mamma-A soothing, touch-free, herbal spray for your recovering perineal area, with a clever upside down sprayer so it’s easier to reach hard to get places. 

Nature's Calm Room Spray-Balance and calms emotions as well as easing any anxious feelings.

Healing Bath Soak-Combining natural minerals and a soothing herbal blend, this bath soak naturally assists the body in the recovery and healing process after childbirth.


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