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Designed to nourish both body and mind, this beautiful bundle is what you need to prepare your mind for a positive birth and nurture your body in the process. Products that are gentle but powerful during the magical journey of bringing a new life into the world.


Prepare Mamma- Organic Perineum massage oil to give a little extra attention to the perineal area in the final weeks of your pregnancy which may help you avoid damage, making your recovery from birth a little easier.

Nurture & Nourish- Organic Belly and Body oil which is a combination of omega-rich organic oils that help boost collagen production, leaving your skin feeling supple and smooth.

Calm Mamma-Essential oil blend that promotes feelings of harmony and calm when feeling overwhelmed or experiencing anxious feelings. 

Affirmation Love With Birth Affirmation cards designed to create a positive mindset as you prepare for birth using different statements. They then can be used during labour to remain calm, relaxed and focus. Accompanied by a Rose Quartz Crystal Heart- which is considered the stone of unconditional love, great for expecting and new mums as it promotes motherly instincts and bonding with your baby.

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