Prepare Mamma-Organic Perineum Massage Oil


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'I relax, I release, I open"


Giving a little extra attention to the perineal area in the final weeks of your pregnancy may help you avoid bruising, tearing, or an episiotomy, making your recovery from birth a little easier.

Perineal massage is the act of stretching and manipulating the perineal tissue. Massage increases blood flow and may help the tissues and skin stretch with more ease but with less pain during a vaginal delivery. 

Organic coconut oil, which is naturally anti-bacterial and nourishing for the skin is accompanied by calming Lavender, regenerative Frankincense, and Helichrysum oil that promotes circulation.

INSTRUCTIONS: After a warm bath or shower, apply some oil to your perineum. Apply gentle pressure just inside your vagina, towards your rectum. Sweep your thumb or two fingers from left to right in a "U" shaped motion. Do this for 3-5 minutes. For best results perform this up to twice a week, from 35 weeks of pregnancy.



INGREDIENTS: Fractionated Coconut Oil*, Lavender Oil*, Frankincense Oil*, Geranium Oil*, Helichrysum Oil*.

*Certified Organic Ingredients


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